About Our Business

Zabinski Business Services, Inc. has been serving customers since

Our vision is to provide businesses and individuals with professional
expertise in communications and computer related services with the big
picture and bottom line in mind.  We provide you with quality work at fair

Our staff has a broad and extensive experience base. We bring this to
provide you with top-shelf services at reasonable prices.
Our Background

Our staff has had many years of experience in both the communications
and computer related fields.


  • Our staff has had many articles published in technical
    environmental journals.
  • We have authored many articles in local newspapers covering local
    units of government and sporting events, as well as writing full or
    half page marketing articles.
  • We have written reference manuals for programs as well as S.O.P.

We have:
  • provided training in Microsoft Office, Corel Office, specialized
  • created custom software for state agencies tracking pollution
    inventory management
  • provided new and new and used hardware, as well as served as a
    broker for hardware and software
  • provided help-desk services
  • set up networks and the computer protection hardware and software

  • Will assist with...
    - budgeting / forecasting
    - financial statement compilation
    - statement analysis / review
    - accounting (including accounting software set-up, account
    creation, and journal entry review)
    - individual account analysis / review